What happens to FREE Games after PlayStation Plus membership expires?

Even I had this question before buying the PlayStation Plus Membership, and the answer is quite apparent, I’ll tell you why.

Every month PlayStation provides two free games for PlayStation Plus or PS Plus members, you can download them within that month and play them whenever you want. Starting from 1-month subscription which costs around Rs 599 it goes on up to 12 months subscription costing Rs 4,439. In my opinion, you can quickly regain this money with their free games and exclusive discounts they provide for other games.

But, if you cancel your PlayStation Plus membership, then until your subscription end period, you can play and keep all the free games, but after that, it’ll be removed from your account. Yes, it won’t be available anymore because these are free games which are a part of the membership. Just in case if you decide to renew the plan, then you can get the games you previously grabbed via this subscription.

Let’s say you want to buy a game “ABC” which costs Rs 1000 but with PS Plus you can get it for free, then you’ll easily invest Rs 599 for monthly PS Subscription and get this game for free. But, you might think that you can keep the game forever for free, but that doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. Once you cancel your subscription or your membership expires, then the free games are gone. You can have that only after you renew your membership.

But the good news is all the exclusive discounts and free avatars you get when you have the PS Plus membership, and they won’t have any impact later. This is good because look at the special discounts they provide for us, we even have 80% and more discounts for popular (old yet favorite) games.

Let’s look at the bright side and enjoy the games till we love to have the membership!

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