Want to Unlock Iron Spider Armor Suit in Spider-Man PS Game?

Ever since I saw Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War (2018) teaser/trailer featuring Spider-Man’s dope Iron Spider Armor Suit, I was sooo excited because the red + blue + gold color combination looked insanely awesome! During this scene below! :heart_eyes:

To make things much dopeeee Sony included this suit in their PS Exclusive Spider-Man game as well! I came to know that if you have pre-ordered this game, you would have got this suit for free, as in, already included in the game. But, no worries, if you are confused about how to unlock this suit, then here is what you need!

These are the requirements:

  • Level 31
  • 3 Base Tokens
  • 3 Challenge Tokens
  • 4 Crime Tokens

You’ll gradually reach Level 31 without any issues, just focus on the game and the missions, but to collect other tokens you need to make use of your map and check all the challenges and random stuff.

If you have done all that, then head to your “Suits” section and scroll down to pick “Iron Spider Suit.”

You can select the “Craft (Hold)” option to grab this suit.

You’ll have “Iron Arms” with this suit which is pretty cool when you are fighting against a crowd.

I used this suit to fight against some enemies, and I totally love this, this may not be the best suit, but I somehow get the Iron-Man feeling when I play using this, totally love the glowing eyes too!

And look at the Iron Arms. :heart_eyes:

I badly wanted to get this Iron-Man aka Infinity War Spidey Suit, but I was very bad at Bomb Challenges or even Drone Challenges, so I picked Stealth and Combat Challenges to get the necessary tokens. After getting some “Skill” points I’ll complete those challenges later. Let us know if you face any issues in grabbing this cool costume!

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