The EXACT Map Location of Arthur Morgan's Grave in RDR2!

It was shocking and sacrificing, but yes, Arthur Morgan will no longer be your main protagonist in RDR2 when you are nearing the end, you’ll transform into John Marston instead. You are a family man now, and you are trying to live a life that makes your family proud. All this happened because of the multiple times Arthur saved you and insisted you to be a better man. If you want to pay your respects, then here is the exact map location spot of Arthur Morgan’s Grave in the Red Dead Redemption 2 world.

Go to this exact spot; you can pick any landmark near and fast-travel if you want.

Once you are reaching this location, you’ll find a place called “Mysterious Hill Home.”

Climb the mountain behind this, and you’ll find Arthur Morgan’s Grave at the top.

You can switch to FPS mode view to read the Grave markings properly.

His marker reads: “Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness.”

If you have trouble finding the location, do let us know! Thank you.

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