Take Screenshots (or Video Clips) from PlayStation & Download Online!

You can always take a screenshot using your PlayStation Controller but downloading them online is a bit tricky. It’s weird that they don’t provide a direct option for this yet.

To take a screenshot, press this “Share” button on your controller and the screenshot will be saved.

You can go to your PlayStation home > Capture Gallery and see all the screenshots. If you want to download them via your laptop or web online, then here is a small uncomfortable trick. You can try doing this for both screenshots and video clips (gameplay).

1. Go to “Capture Gallery.”

2. You can find the Game Name and inside that, you can find the related screenshots.

3. You can click on the “All” folder and inside that, you can see this. You can either select “Screenshots” or “Video Clips” here.

4. Then after all this, click on that “Screen” button on your Controller once again, after selecting the screenshot. I don’t think there is a way to select multiple screenshots or video clips, do let me know if there is a way for that.

You’ll get this screen now, you can prefer Facebook or Twitter if you are normally sharing a screenshot, you can then later download the screenshot or video clip via that. But, we prefer the “Activities” option instead. Select that one!

5. If you are going to upload multiple random screenshots and you don’t want anyone to see that, then it’s wise to pick “No One” as the Privacy option. You can “Post” after this.

6. You can then go to your “My PlayStation” account > “What’s New” and find all your activities here. You just have to find the one you need and download the screenshot via that.

I successfully uploaded and downloaded a screenshot, this is how it looks:

It looks fine overall but this is a bit annoying when we do this every time. Let us know if you know any other easy ways for this. You can also access this via USB but I haven’t tried that yet, will update on that shortly. Thank you! :smiley:

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