Strange Statues Puzzle [RDR2] - Map Location and Solution (3 Gold Bars!)

I actually came to know about this place because I was desperate for money. I don’t really want to rely on robbing trains and looting people all the time; I just wanted something plain and clean initially. We already shared a tip for getting a gold bar easily, you can check that out. Here is our walkthrough guide for the Strange Statues Puzzle.

Clue for Strange Statues Puzzle (Cave)

Before heading right to the solution, we have a cave where we can find clues for this statue. If you are interested in checking this place out, then go to this location:

There you’ll find a Cave Painting like this:

Observe this pic carefully or take a screenshot of this. Look at the weird statues, look at their hands, and look at their fingers.

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Location Map and Solution for Strange Statues Puzzle

Go to this exact location as shown in the Map:

Once you reach this destination you’ll come across an entrance like this, looks like a small cave in a mountain.

When you enter this, you’ll encounter the statues you already saw on the painting before. Apparently, these are called Stange Statues.

To solve this puzzle, you need to take a look at the painting you saw before, look at their fingers and hands. Now look at the statues, try to solve it on your own for a while. You can always go to the back of the statue to reset the whole thing and try again if it’s not working.

But if you are eager for a quick solution, then look out for the Prime Numbers here.

You need to push the button (in this order) on the front of the statues with a prime number of fingers — 2, 3, 5, and 7. That’s all. You have unlocked the statues, and you can find 3 Gold Bars here below.

Even if you know the solution, it might be challenging to find the fingers accurately in the dark, so you can prefer FPS mode for having a look easily.

That’s all, I guess. You have successfully grabbed 3 Gold Bars, you can go to any fence and sell them to get $1500. This is a quick tip to make easy money in the Red Dead Redemption 2 World. Let us know if you have any queries, thank you. :smiley:

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