Steps to Start/Play "The Frozen Wilds" (Horizon Zero Dawn) Expansion!

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) is undoubtedly one of my favorite PlayStation games or even any game I have played, it’s Awesome, Adventurous, and Aloy. :heart_eyes: If you completed the main story game and want to start the expansion story - The Frozen Wilds (DLC) - then here is how I did! We purchased the “Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition” so we had that by default, you can also download this individually from the PS Store.

The Frozen Wild is all about The Cut, Banuk Tribe, New Machines, Thunder’s Drum, and much more. In fact, it’s much more challenging than the main game. You can also play this expansion without completing the main story. Here is how I started this:

1. After completing the main story, I loaded the last save, and I was at the Meridian. After that just open the “Map” and zoom, go a little bit up until you find “Into the Frozen Wilds - Explore the Cut” section. This place is called “The Cut” - a name referred by the Banuks. Find a Campfire near to this place and “Fast Travel” there.

2. After traveling to the Campfire, select the “The Cut” and “Place waypoint” over there. It’ll be easy to track the distance and go there without any issue.

3. Then you just have to walk/run over there until you find this greeting titled “The Frozen Wilds.”

That’s all. You are in the expansion now. I don’t want to explain further how to proceed; it’s an adventurous game, so figure out yourself and enjoy! Let us know if you have any queries. :smiley:

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