Steps to Change the Time (Day/Night) in Spider-Man PS Game!

If you have completed the main story in the Marvel’s Spider-Man PS Game, then you get the option to change the time, whether it’s day or night or even around sunset.

I find this pretty helpful during my selfies and photographs with popular attractions in this game. At this moment, I’m not really sure if we can change the weather though, like to make it rainy or sunny, I don’t think we have a direct option for that.

Apart from that, all you need to do is to visit a “Research Station” nearby, just open your Map and go to the nearest one.

Completing the tasks for the Research Stations will also give you tokens and stuff, you can consider that if you want to upgrade your suit or weapon.

When you enter the station, you’ll find a small tablet like this:

This shows your current location and the current time. You can set the time of the day easily via this. I was very curious about this option when I played the game, but now we have it here.

Which time do you like to play Spider-Man game? Night or Day or Sunset? Let us know! :smiley:

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