Should I buy a Gaming Monitor or TV for Playing PC games?

I’m building a new computer with good graphic card but I’m stuck right here, why should I pay more money for buying a gaming monitor when I can buy a normal good TV using which everyone even plays PS and Xbox games. Why should I spend more money for getting a monitor instead though?

They are two different ends to be honest.

To start off let me explain you the scenario of what happens when you try to game on a TV :

Screen tearing is the first issue you will face -

Source : Digital trends

(Source : Digital trends)

Here are the challenges you will face -

  1. Refresh rates : TVs advertise saying 180hz refresh rates or more or less. But the main difference here is that when you see the refresh rates in TV vs refresh rates in monitor, high refresh rates in TV just means reducing ghosting & screen tearing. But the same in the gaming monitor’s mean the true refresh rate of the mentioned hz. Currently, gaming monitors vary from 120hz to 240hz. And I PROMISE you, if you switch to a 144hz monitor, going back is going to be very difficult.
  2. Viewing angles : TVs have great technology with them right from HDR, Quantom dot, 4K and more but the gaming monitors don’t come with such technology but even if they do they come at a higher price.
  3. Response time : The biggest challenge comes here which is the response time. Where most of the TVs range from 5ms response time to even 25ms response time. This means, any input on your controller or TV will be delayed by that time. This makes the response time in TV vs monitor is significant. Whereas gaming monitors or even few normal monitors come with 1ms response time.
  4. Panels : TVs is a clear winner here as TVs these year has gone up to 8K, rollable TV and more whereas most of the gaming monitor comes with TN panel which is pretty old with bad viewing angles (if you are looking for a gaming monitor in a budget) but there are HDR panel which does burn your pocket a bit.

Here’s my setup :

Left - BenQ GW2470HL
Right - Samsung CFG73 Curved 144hz gaming monitor

So, if you are going for a good display for your setup do go for a monitor unless you want to use your TV as a multipurpose display setup do go for it. But if your main purpose is going to gaming, I would highly recommend you to go for a gaming monitor especially the Samsung display I shared before. If you want to know why I purchased this specific model, read ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

My story with purchasing this monitor is after saving money for couple years and going across 1000s of monitor across the internet.

As mentioned above about the panel issues where most of the gaming monitors don’t come with IPS panel when you are looking for a monitor in a budget, but after lots of research I came acorss this monitor that too from a non gaming brand ‘Samsung’ but the thing here is that this model comes with a 24 inch Curved VA panel with 144hz refresh rate which was perfect for me as my old monitor was a VA panel and I would not need to suffer with different color presets. PS : To explain about VA panel in simple terms, its a hybrid panel of TN and IPS. Something between TN panel and IPS panel is VA panel. So far the viewing angle, blacks and everything is perfect. I would recommend the Samsung CFG73 is one of the best monitor under 20k and I’m pretty sure no other monitors in this range have VA panel with a curved display.

One additional tip : Any size above 24 inch is kind of hard to view and official gaming tournaments suggest 24inch be the tournament size and if you are willing to get into competitive esports 24 inch monitor is highly recommended.

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