Quick Ways to Get Rid of Bounty in Red Dead Redemption 2!

Red Dead Redemption 2 or RD2 is the latest brainchild of Rockstar Games, I’m already their big fan, thanks to the GTA Series. I started to play RDR2 recently, and I want to share my findings here, no matter how small or big they are. When I started to play this game, I accidentally messed up and shot someone. I escaped, but I couldn’t visit that place again easily, the place where I committed the crime. I can change my outfit and stuff, but then since I’m starting to play this game, I wanted to make things easy for me. If you have a bounty on your head, here is now you can pay off and clear that.

Getting Rid of Your Wanted Bounty

1. Go to the nearest Post Office or Railway Station, you can open your Map and find it.

2. I assume there’ll be a Post Office inside any Railway Station as well. Go and find the spot — Press “L2” (PlayStation) to communicate with the Station Clerk.

3. Here you can find the option to “Pay Bounty” - Just select that.

It looks like I have to pay $75 for the crimes I did in New Hanover state. If I have the cash with me, I can pay this and stop the bounty hunters + law officials. I’m a free man once again. That’s all. :’)

If you are wanted for serious crimes, crimes which say “Wanted: Dead or Alive” then you might need to pay higher bounty charges. You can check the easy ways to get gold bars and get money via that.

There are other ways to fix this too; I’ll share them one by one here. Let us know if you have any queries! :smiley:

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