Quick Fix to Remove Black Border Bars on PlayStation Game Screen!

Sometimes when you load your PlayStation game, you’ll be greeted with four black bars on the border. By default some of us might keep it like that thinking this is how it’ll be by default, but it isn’t, the games usually tend to display like that because of some display resolution issues.

Not a big deal, here is a quick fix for that. I got this when I was playing Spider-Man game.

I was greeted by a screen like this:

I thought the initial welcome and settings screen will be like this, but the overall game was like this, unfortunately. If you are getting something like this for your game, then:

1. Go to your PlayStation Settings > Sound and Screen

2. Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings

3. Here you need to use the “Enlarge” option to adjust until it fits your screen properly.

Just make sure you get like this, fully covered.

4. That’s all. Now when you re-open your game freshly, you’ll have this perfect display without any black border bars around the side corner edges.

This is a simple solution to remove the borders, do kindly let us know if you face any issues. Thank you. :smiley:

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