PlayStation Network (PSN) FNCrush/Girl - Amanda Messages Scam!

This scam or cybercrime can happen on any medium, but this seems to be popular on PlayStation it seems and I recently got the opportunity to interact with the infamous Amanda aka Scammer from FNCrush or FNGirl dot com (I wouldn’t suggest opening the website by any means, we never know what happens…)

NSFW Warning - The conversations below are not suited for work or kids.

Out of nowhere, I got a notification from my PS App that I got a new message from “msberenice3” - a new fake profile with nothing. I was so bored, and I decided to reply back to see where this goes. Obviously, it won’t take a second for you to guess where this goes. “msberenice3” is just a username, it can be anything, so always be careful about that. Even they can randomly pick your friends’ name and use that too.

This is how it started, usual typical scam, but while I was chatting, I asked myself only one single question (which lead to several others), what if this happens to the same Pradeep Kumar 10 years back when he was new to the online world. How many Pradeeps are out there like that right now. What if this scam message reaches them? What if they are vulnerable?

I blurred the image; obviously, it’s someone else. Thanks to Google Reverse Image Search.

I couldn’t chat further because they seem to have a deadline for this or maybe they figured out I was just playing along or whatever. That’s the end of our online flirting relationship, and I was so bad at it.

These days using a credit card or an equivalent debit card online is not a big deal at all. Let it be a celebrity’s kid or a common man’s kid; it’s easy for anyone to use it. Because most of the time your browser will save it, pros and cons, but it’s vulnerable. This is not just for kids but for anyone who wants to fulfill their lust or in other ways, getting rid of their stress or depression. These scammers message everyone who keep their “Messaging” Settings to “Anyone” - That means anyone can message you or your loved ones and compromise. Kids play Games more than or equal to Adults every day, and thanks to the online multi-player options they get connected to random strangers online every day.

These scammers or cyber-bullies either try scam you by grabbing your credit card details or try chatting with you making you do all the uncomfortable adult activities. They might use that to blackmail further and grab more money from you. When you get such a message. It’s wise to keep the “Messaging” Settings to “Friends” or “No One” if you are not comfortable communicating online via PSN. This is an important setting and make sure to check this for your kids or younger siblings or literally anyone you care.

If you encounter scammers like this, you can go ahead and report that profile to PlayStation. You can also block that profile.

This is not just for PSN - PlayStation Network but for every Social Media Platform out there, maybe even Xbox users might have faced something similar. Have you encountered this scammer person anywhere? Do let us know about that.

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