My 1st Legendary Fish in Red Dead Redemption 2! [Tips + Map Location]

Ever since I (Arthur Morgan) had that Fishing session with the kiddo Jack, I always wanted to explore all the possible varieties of Fish out there. I love Seafood, and this is something I was way too excited to try. I want to put a small disclaimer here, fishing helps you to keep Arthur in good health, but when you are fishing in this game, you need to very patient, at least until you get your first legendary fish. Let’s get started. I’m going to divide this whole thing into three parts:

  1. Getting the Map Location of all the Legendary Fishes.

  2. Getting the Special Bait for catching all the Legendary Fishes.

  3. The Procedure to Capture the Legendary Fishes.

1. Legendary Fishes - Map Location RDR2 (A Fisher of Fish)

Open your Map and go to this exact location. This is somewhat near to your second camp.

Here you’ll be meeting a stranger - A Fisher of Fish.

This place is called Flat Iron Lake, and here you’ll meet a man named Jeremy Gill. He’ll give you the Map Location for all the Legendary Fishes in the Red Dead Redemption 2 World.

You can also mail the fishes to Gill and get Rewards for that as well. Now, we have taken the first step and acquired the map locations which you can see below:

2. Special Baits for Legendary Fishes

Unlike other fishes, to catch these, we need to use special baits to lure them. Open your Map and head to Lagras, go to this Bait Shop shown below:

Buy all the necessary Special and Required Lures here.

Once you are done with this, you are entirely ready for catching/fishing!

3. Catching your First Legendary Fish!

I opened my Fish Location Map and saw a spot next to Lagras. I decided to try this location for my first try. This is a Legendary Fish area, and once you reach this destination, your map will be updated like this:

If you are not able to guess by the Fish Picture in the Map, yes, we are going to catch the Legendary Longnose Gar. You have two options now, either you can try your luck near the shore or use a boat, which you should find nearby, and go deep to find.

Take your Fishing Rod and use the Special Swamp Lure as the bait. This is a Swamp Lake, so you’ll find plenty of crocodiles here, be careful when you step into the water.

If you have a hard time catching the fish in the shore, use the rowboat, and try your luck.

The trick or hack here is to use your Dead Eye to locate the fish and monitor its movement.

You need to pick a right spot to throw your line and reel slowly to lure. I’m sure the fish will take the bait, but you need to be patient and dedicate your hands to your controller. I had a hard time and got annoyed because of this, so I took a break and allocated my strength to this task alone.

After some attempts I did catch a fish, it’s called “Lake Sturgeon” (Not “Legendary”), this was my first big fish though. And I earned a trophy as well “It was THIS Big!” :trophy:

I tried to focus properly to analyze the fish structure, to pick the one with a long nose and finally, here it is!

This is the Legendary Longnose Gar fish! If you want, you can take this to the Post Office and mail it to Jeremy Gill for Rewards.

I’ll update this thread with other Legendary Fishes I catch and update you. If you have any queries or suggestions, do kindly let us know. :smiley:

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