How to Listen all Audio from my PS Controller Earphone Jack!

I use Sony DUALSHOCK wireless controller for my PS4 and sometimes I use the 3.5mm headphone jack in that while playing games but I’m not able to hear all the default PS sounds. I can still get the audio from the main TV instead. What’s the solution for this one?

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Hey, bro. I assume you have DUALSHOCK 4 PS Controller and once you start to use your earphone, long-press the “PS” button on your controller.

You’ll get this “Quick Menu” and from there, go to “Sound/Devices” > “Output to Headphones”

Here, by default, it should be “Chat Audio” and you just have to change that into “All Audio.” That’s all.

Now you can hear all the audio from the game and console via your headphone.

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