How to Filter & Find ‘Free Games’ alone on PlayStation Store?

I got this screenshot from my friend, but please tell me how I can filter here and find all the available free games on PlayStation PS Store. I had a hard time figuring this out by myself. Please help.

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You can actually get “FREE” paid games on your PlayStation Store but that only works when you have PlayStation Plus subscription. It’s a paid thing, so technically, you are indeed paying for the games you are getting though. But if you are a regular gamer, then you’ll probably get a lot than you invested.

Apart from that, let’s say you have PS4 now, just click on PS4 under “Platform” and you can find the filters, select “Games” and “Free” like shown below, that’s all you’ll find plenty of free games. I can quickly think of Apex Legends and Hitman now; they are free. Keep exploring!

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