How many "Kills" vs. "Survival" time - Which matters the most to you?

There are a lot of popular Survival games out there and thanks to PUBG and Fortnite, things got much broader. I was playing Apex Legends game for the first time, and I was not able to kill anyone, but I managed to survive for a few minutes by hiding and running away from the elimination ring.

So, I’m just curious, what matters the most here for you, personally. Do you feel better if you have more kills, or you’ll feel better how long you survive with your tactics? No matter if you win or not in the end, for both. Let us know below!

There are two ways you can see this “Kills” Vs “Survival” in any battle royale game mode.

The differentiation depends upon the type of people and their mind set. I have been through both situations where Kills is what mattered for me sometime and Winning was what mattered for me. This often keeps changing depending upon whom you play with and your mood. This happens for me especially in Apex legends where we would have won with even 0 kills by playing smart but that’s a mere 20 mins to 30 mins camping & hiding.

But when it is killing what matters, its completely different xD Like when I say itself I can feel the hype chasing people and killing them around with finishers. It’s just too much fun :smiley: This happens in all the battle royale game I have played like Fortnite, Apex legends, PUBG and more.

So here are the tactics I use with Apex legends :

  1. Hide & play smart around your teammates and don’t split up often
  2. Don’t be greedy for kills
  3. Aim for the pro players who try to run often
  4. Play with better hero combination (Eg.Banglore, Bloodhound and lifeline)
  5. Play more FPS games to strengthen your aim
  6. Don’t be one-trick & flex around with your other team mates

If you are playing the same on PC there are lots of ways to improve your aim like playing the free game CSGO. If you want something good for aim practice, I use Aimtastic & Aimlabs which are available for free on steam to stimulate your aim & find the perfect sensitivity.

As I mentioned earlier, the second way of playing smart is by playing around your team-mates and thereby you can achieve both Kills and survival, whereas if that doesn’t happen you end up getting killed often. Right?

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