How many Games do you have in PlayStation PS Store Wishlist?

I got my PS4 Pro recently, and I have been exploring a lot of 4K/HDR games. But, I can’t buy or play all of them, so I added the ones I like to my wishlist. As of now, it’s 23 and I’m sure it’ll increase in a while this week. Just wanted to know how many games you have on your PS Store Wishlist?

Games are like food, when you are into gaming it becomes essential.

Me being a PC gamer ever since I can remember, right from COD4 with over 4000+ hours during school days to CSGO, PC is what I can remember even while owning a PS2 haha.

My first game on steam was Team fortress 2 which was way back around 2010 where I tried to download and play the game. But back then I didn’t have a good gaming PC but a PS2 (Cracked one) with over 100+ gaming discs. But sooner around 2014, I purchased my gaming PC without a graphic card but once I got, my first game was CSGO which costed me around 500 rupees (Physical disc copy <3) ever since, my streak continued.

Stats to the games I own :

In the above link, you can see clearly that the games I own range from 7482 to 31379 meaning the least price I could’ve got these games for a minimum cost of 7482 during seasonal sale or a maximum of 31379 normally. The total games I own is 153 but unfortunately I played 3 games regularly like CSGO (2,000 hours+), GTA 5 (279 hours+), PUBG (167 hours+) and others being a very occasional games because the 4th product in my list is around 24 hours haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving on, I quit CSGO because of hackers and I moved to Overwatch for the last year with over (500+ on the game currently).

So, answering your question “How many games do you have in PlayStation wishlist” ;
It’s just when the games come on sale or if my gaming gang is moving to a new game we buy one else we just gift each other the game making sure everyone in our gang has the game with them.

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