Here is HOW you can get RED Ghost Armor in Ghost of Tsushima! 👹

This is a SPOILER Alert. Please don’t proceed further if you haven’t completed the main story.

When you start playing Ghost of Tsushima, at some point, you’ll get the “Black” Ghost Armor, which is pretty cool, like a Batman + Samurai kinda vibe, but there is also another color for this, which is “Red.” You can’t find this from any merchant or anywhere. Only after you complete the main story, you’ll get this specific kind of armour. After you defeat Khotun Khan, you’ll have another duel with Lord Shimura. This is the last boss fight in the main story. You can try to increase your Resolve and Health Bar before this as well.

In the end, you’ll have two options, either you can kill him or let him live. Like this:

If you decide to “Spare” him, then after this, you’ll be equipped with a Red Ghost Amor. As simple as that. Some folks told me, you’ll get a White Ghost Armor if you kill him and honor his wish for death. But do kindly check what is that about. I decided to spare his life, because I remember Jin Sakai saying his uncle is the only family left for him, so… But, anyways, the Red Armor looks dope, just like this:

Have you played this game? Do kindly share your thoughts as well!

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