Exact Map Location of Nelson and Murdock Law Office in Spider-Man PS!

If you are a Marvel’s Daredevil fan, then this is something you’ll be equally excited like me. Though I knew about Daredevil before itself but only after the Netflix series I started to love the character more.

Nelson and Murdock (Attorneys at Law) law firm location is available on Spider-Man PS Game Map, just like Avengers Tower and Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. We even have Uncle Ben’s Grave where you can earn a Trophy as well.

Exact Map Location of Nelson and Murdock Law Firm

If you watched or read about Daredevil, then you should know their usual hangout place - Josie’s Bar.

Open your Map > Hell’s Kitchen > Josie’s Bar

Take a photograph of the bar and gain a landmark token for that. Once you reach the bar, go to the arrow mark in the picture below.

Once you reach that corner side, you’ll find a board which says this:

You reached the place. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Time for a selfie. Initially, I was roaming this area around night time and I wasn’t able to find this dark board, but I found out later. :’) If you have any active missions or any criminals around, complete all those and try if you can’t find it somehow. This is not the only one Daredevil Easter egg or mention, you’ll also have their visiting card aka business card in one of the Spidey’s backpack.

I found mine around Harlem district, somewhat around this location:

And this is the Spider-Man’s comment about it… but not complete, I’ll let you find it out yourself.

Let us know if you still have any issues finding the location! :spider_web:

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