Easy Way to Find Avengers Tower in Spider-Man PS Game! (+ Trophy!)

When I started playing Spider-Man game, I was way too excited to explore and roam New York City (NYC). There are plenty of cool historical places here, but as a Marvel fan, I decided to visit the most iconic place - Avengers Tower (previously Stark Tower).

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Finding the Avengers Tower (Map Location)

1. Just open your Map and navigate to the “Upper East Side.” Then you can select your waypoint near that radio signal tower or precisely in the place I did. But, you don’t have to worry, there is no way you’ll miss this place if you are around that area. :’)

2. You can’t fast-travel there if you haven’t visited already I guess, but if you are near-by, you can easily swing and reach that destination. This is the moment I first saw the Tower. :heart_eyes:

3. You can do three cool things if you are around this Tower:

I) Find your Backpack there. You can “Web Backpack” and add one more to your collection.

II) You can earn a cool Trophy named “Hero for Higher” when you reach the top of the Tower. As Top as possible, literally.

I came to know some people were not able to get their trophy no matter what they tried, either you can complete any pending active missions, reload your last checkpoint after saving, or most importantly, see if you already claimed this trophy, yes, we might have missed the “Trophy Earned!” notification somehow, so don’t forget to check that.

Also, make sure you are sitting like this at the top of the Tower’s Red Lights.

This is the most top you can go, so go there and claim your trophy successfully.

III) This is my most favorite one, take cool Selfies (Photo Mode) with the “Avengers” - “A” logo. :heart_eyes:

I spent most time swinging around to get cool selfies, and I liked this one! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Use the game’s camera mode to capture the Avengers Tower logo and gain a Landmark Token! They’ll be useful for getting resources.

That’s all. I wish they added more “Avengers” references here, but then, nope. Let us know if you face any issues regarding this. :smiley:

This is how the Avengers Tower look in the Evening/Night time, look at the Glowing Red “A” logo. :heart_eyes:

And here is the traditional selfie. :’)

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