EASY TIP to Complete Healing Spirit Survival in Marvel's Avengers!

I was doing this HARM (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine) Tutorial for Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel and everything was going good until I came across this challenge: Healing Spirit

It’s pretty simple, but at first, it was too complicated, like I was confused about whether I should fight and survive or just survive. The challenge is to use the “Healing Spirit” to survive the enemy barrage for one minute aka 60 seconds.

You can also check our YouTube video if you want: https://youtu.be/lCA-TVpTMT4

So, basically what you can do is, you don’t have to fight at all, just jump here and there. When your health goes down just press the button to activate HEALING SPIRIT. But, that won’t be sufficient to survive 60 seconds. All you have to do is, just roam around and grab these yellow stuff scattered in the room. That’ll help you to enable Healing Spirit - Heroic Ready. You can keep doing this for the next 60 seconds and you’ll complete this challenge.

Do let us know if you have any queries regarding this!

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