Easy Steps to Get Golden Fast Travel Pack in Horizon Zero Dawn!

When I played Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time, I used to do only two things:

  1. Hunt Boars and Racoons to get fatty meat, then grab a Fast Travel Pack.

  2. Sneak for like 2000+ steps to my destination, usually by running or using a mounted machine.

I actually did #2 for more than thrice when I didn’t realize about the “Fast Travel” option here.

But then, Horizon Zero Dawn (Including The Frozen Wilds) is a game no matter how long you play you won’t get easily bored. That being said, you shouldn’t waste your time covering insane distances; instead, you can use the Fast Travel option, oops, Golden Fast Travel option. Using this you can Fast Travel an unlimited number of times, and you don’t need to hunt for resources each time you want to travel.

What do I need to get the Golden Fast Travel Pack?

  • 50 Metal Shards
  • 1 Fox Skin
  • 10 Fatty Meat

For the Ultra-Hard mode:

  • 2000 Metal Shards
  • 3 Fox Skin
  • 30 Fatty Meat

This is what I did to get the “Golden Fast Travel Pack.”

FAQ: How many Foxes should you kill to get the Fox Skin?

The answer is complicated, some say it depends on the way you kill the fox, but it took me like 4-5 kills to get the Fox Skin.

1. Pick a Hunting Spot for Foxes/Animals.

No matter where you are on the map, go to “Mother’s Crown.” Or any place full of forests and less of machines.

It should be at the right corner somewhere. Mother’s Crown is a Nora fort. You’ll find plenty of Campfires there; you can pick anyone and go hunting.

2. Keep Killing Foxes till you get a Fox Skin.

Once you reach this place, you can explore the green forest area, and I’m sure it’ll be filled with all the required animals/birds. You’ll find boars, raccoons, geese, and yes, foxes.

You might end up going there at night time or day time, it doesn’t matter, but always use your focus and tag your targets. It took me less than 10 seconds to find a fox.

But, as we said, you can’t directly get a “Fox Skin” just like that. But never give up hope, just keep hunting, it only takes a single arrow, a direct hit to kill a fox.

You’ll anyway need 10 Fatty Meat as well, so just keep killing as many foxes as you can. I almost killed 4-5 foxes in this area.

And tada, finally got what we need, just like that. 1 Fox Skin Resource.

Grab it! So by the end of this hunt, you should have at least 1 Fox Skin, 10 Fatty Meat, and 50 Metal Shards. You can easily get these from animals and machines.

3. Return to a Merchant to get the Golden Fast Travel Pack.

I decided to go back to the Meridian since I saw a lot of Merchants around there. I fast-traveled there and picked a merchant.

Go to Buy > Resources > “Golden Fast Travel Pack” and Buy it!

That’s all. Now you got one of the best features in the Horizon Zero Dawn game! Using this, you can freely fast-travel (unlimited) to campfires, settlements, and other places.

Have you grabbed your “Golden Fast Travel Pack”? Do you have any queries? Do kindly let us know! :smiley:

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