Easy Places to Get Gold Bars for FREE in Red Dead Redemption 2!

RDR2 is a pretty dope game by default, but if you have more money, then you can upscale everything you have and make it more exciting. I found (via Google :3) some easy and best places to get “Gold Bars” for free in Red Dead Redemption 2!

This is the first place I’ll recommend grabbing a gold bar, which is usually worth $500.

Get FREE Gold Bars in RDR2 Easily

1. Open your Map and find a place called Limpany. This is a ruined town in The Heartlands (New Hanover).

Head precisely to the place where the “Player” is, you can add a marker or waypoint here.

2. When you enter this place you’ll find plenty of ruined buildings like this:

Roam around them, and you’ll find this “Sheriff” office.

3. Go to the front desk, and at the bottom, you’ll find a lockbox with a gold bar. Activate Dead Eye during night time to find the glowing box easily.

And once you take it, you can find this gold bar in your Satchel.

This is by far the easiest method to grab a free gold bar in RDR2 I guess? I’ll update this post with more places soon.

Here is another cool way to get 3 Gold Bars!

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