Does Steam Powered Games have an Affiliate/Referral Program?

Steam community is popular like Facebook for all the gamers in the world. I regularly use them to download, install, and play games but I often get intrigued whether they have an affiliate or referral system where I can get paid like commission % for all the sales they get via me.

Do they have an affiliate partnership program where I can sign up or join? Any other 3rd party for this? Please help me with this.

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No, unfortunately, no. Steam is a popular platform for mainstream gamers, and they don’t really need an affiliate or referral program to increase anything. It’s like, you’ll go for Google Play Store for downloading Android apps by default, right? You won’t need anyone to tell you where to go for this.

If you still need an affiliate program for promoting games, then check out Gamestop and Microsoft, they have such programs, you can promote their links and generate money for sales.

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